Learn about different jobs in the government.

Learn about different jobs in the government.

Diplomat (Foreign Service Officers)

Foreign Service Officers (Diplomats) are professional, trained diplomats who represent American interests abroad under the direction of the ambassador.

House of Representative Member

House of Representative Member’s duties include introducing bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees.

Park Ranger

Park rangers help protect parks and teach park visitors why parks are important and how to care for them.


Senators represent the people living in his or her state. Part of this job is to write and vote on new laws and serve on committees.

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Protective Service

FBI Investigator

Learn about different careers in the FBI Agency.


Firefighters put out fires, which is not as simple as it may sound. Fighting fires is dangerous and complex, and it takes organization and teamwork.

Police Officer

Police officers and detectives enforce laws. They catch criminals, collect evidence and testify in court.

Video: Dog Trainer

Meet Bridget, a canine handler with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. She trains dogs to search and find illegal drugs and gives tips for training your dog.

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